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  • josecolasijr (20) - 2016-08-17 16:50:14

    This doesnt work well on my friends. Very high price and not recommended to others specially if you are just starting in bitcoin

  • slh84 (115) - 2016-06-10 08:32:17

    mining hardware at high price with up to date information you got to be wanting to lose money not inless your in it for a long term investment but then who can afford that

  • umarshah (530) - 2016-05-09 00:29:17

    Butterfly Joddy is auxillary for mining bitcoins but it has an expensive buying policy which everyone can not efford

  • markson (980) - 2016-04-26 06:46:25

    It's too much expensive so that it does not compensate, I mean it's not worth it. But it delivers and the website is online, the only problem is the price really.

  • josecolasi (360) - 2016-01-27 15:28:50

    Not so good. Its very expensive, its not worth it. Not recommended for practical buyers. Mining should not be expensive as this one or maybe you will need a very high specs in order to mine well using this.

  • delizza (30) - 2015-04-19 05:20:07

    Butterfly labs equipment is extremely expensive for the price per GH. You would barley make a profit from mining bitcoins. Go somewhere else.

  • vicooin (205) - 2015-03-03 07:25:25

    expensive yet not profitable to mine bitcoins due to high dificulty so please lower the price per GH

  • evilcow (10) - 2014-04-21 19:48:33

    They were one of the first (first that I saw) ASIC manufacturers, I ordered 4 x 5GH/s jalapeno devices in Aug 2012, later upgrading to 1 x LITTLE SINGLE 30GH/s unit.
    MONTHS AND MONTHS OF LIES ENSUED from BFL, stating a plethora of problems encountered by them... their fab and every possible excuse under the sun... probably ALL excuses were used EXCEPT the sun...
    Anyway, I gave up and figured I was scammed!
    August 18th 2013 (yep, that's OVER A FULL F***ING YEAR!!!) I noticed they were shipping to my purchase date, but no email telling me mine has been sent, or even that it is getting close...
    EVENTUALLY after some emailing I get a confirmation email saying my items has shipped. NOT BEFORE CHARGING ME AN EXTRA US$100 for EXPRESS shipping?! If the device was ready a YEAR AGO I wouldn't NEED express shipping.

    Device ACTUALLY arrived and I started to hash... I emailed them about a slowness and I actually got a reply fairly quickly, turns out it was their stupid EASY MINER software that was to blame anyway.

    So BFL announce the MONARCH... really?? 300/600GH/s and 1000s of BFL customers are STILL WAITING FOR THEIR 5, 25/30, 50/60GH/s devices...

    Then it's CLOUD mining...

    What have they actually done that was GOOD (or seemingly) for the customers??

    1*. They gave us CHIP credits...<????!> a useless notion that gave us the ILLUSION that we have some credits that we can use down the road a bit (should we ever trust BFL again)
    * = Minimum 100 CHIPS PURCHASED PER ORDER (I had a total of 16 chip credits)
    + WTF can you do with ASIC chips that are not built into a system? NOTHING that's what!!!

    2*. 25% DISCOUNT VOUCHER - This actually sounded like a good thing!

    Thus I started emailing them, why can I not use my credits?
    It was about this time my 25% DISCOUNT VOUCHER vanished from my account...

    So I email AGAIN, Where's my voucher? Why can't I use chip credits? AFTER ALL, these were both things GIVEN to ME by BFL for THEM SCREWING ME AROUND!

    I think it was a month or so later, by this point I had given up on BFL anyway... I got an email from BFL_Josh, one liner saying "You don't need voucher anymore as prices have been dropped!"

    WTF!!?? So to SAY THANKS to your early customer, you DANGLE A CARROT in front of them and then throw me into the same priority queue AS EVERYONE ELSE!


  • donkeybutter (20) - 2014-03-30 11:18:10

    I have personally purchased a miner from Butterflylabs. I got the Miner and it worked just fine as promised. It was at a certain cost however, meaning, it was easily a year or more late in delivery. This was after a dozen or so, changes in the promised delivery date.

    Also, to this day Butterfly Labs charges an arm and a leg for the Miners they Produce. The calculations on Profitability with these machines is Less Than Zero, even at Bitcoin value of $1,000.

    If you really look into the message boards, you will quickly notice its just a place for people to complain and comment on the many bad stories about Butterfly Labs.

  • marcos43 (10) - 2013-12-29 18:47:38

    malisimo tardan mucho

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