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  • ivanherzele (95) - 2015-01-12 08:54:12

    It is 1 of the first site's that put all the best faucets together in 1 place . But there are better sites around now where you can make more bitcoins , dogecoins , litecoins .

  • Chocoboy (50) - 2015-01-12 03:33:36

    Nice site for earning bitcoins. As a rotator, landofbitcoin offers a wide variety of pages in wich u can earn bitcoins. The drawback, the admin let the site support discontinued long ago, so if you are planning to start a faucet or want your faucet to get added to the list, forget it.

  • l4d2mayhen (20) - 2015-01-02 05:57:44

    this site is good organized faucets when earning bitcoins from 500 - 6000 an hours and good at refferals

  • vellocent (10) - 2015-01-01 18:36:57

    The site itself is great, if you are going to visit faucets this is the place to go. I personally prefer faucets with a little content, but it is a good way for new web developers to earn a little money and for people to get something for little effort. It would be cool if more people made apps or content for their faucets, but I know it is much easier to set up a little site and put some ads on it and call it done. I post content all day for free (actually considering all my bills, I pay to make content!), so I bet you can lure some bloggers or graphics designers with a little share of that bitcoin. Anyway other people pointed out the flaws, but you can't ask for much more from a site helping you get something with little effort. I imagine landofbitcoin makes more money from references than any one user makes, but why do all that work for nothing?

  • Brian101 (1115) - 2014-10-13 01:45:23

    Good place to start looking for sites and probably the best rotator out there. Not all sites are listed here - far from it in fact. Useless for sites with 5, 10 and 15 minute rotations, but in saying that show me one that's better. The only real issue I have is the number of sites listed as disabled. Many of them work fine. Beginners stick to microwallet or low threshold sites. Happy hunting :)

  • hendra001 (50) - 2014-09-21 09:16:36

    Guys, don't forget that this site is compositions of faucet with alot range bitcoin earnings and time reset. I love their site timer organizations, clean interface, and never laggy like my slow isp mostly except ur connections are too bad(ping 100++). Nice microwallet, i love this site alot!!!!

  • humptydumpty (2250) - 2014-09-19 21:28:17

    I am a bitbaby and am new to bitcoin and would suggest to anyone who is new to bitcoin to start here . I love this sight and is my favorite all I do is type some captcha and hit next.. Happy hunting and good luck!

  • MoonPigeon (30) - 2014-08-20 16:44:54

    A great site that organizes most free faucets all in one place. You just click one button to go to the next site. The site keeps track of when each site is available to draw again. Most sites are listed in order of the best paying first. They remove sites with empty faucets so you don't waste your time. They also allow you to follow or unfollow sites according to your desires. Forget about bookmarking all of those free faucets, Land of Bitcoin does it all for you.

  • Scythe (950) - 2014-07-31 17:43:32

    Easy to use, and automatically collects satoshis every several seconds. It can build up to large amounts. Site also had a really big list of ways to earn Bitcoins.

  • zeestarzone (60) - 2014-07-18 11:25:10

    very good site when you join that site it will easy to click one by one site you have not to bookmark of page of paying MicroWallet, Bit chest and CoinBox. they have site of collections that paying through MicroWallet, Bit chest and CoinBox to store that make East and remember to all site :)

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