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Havelock Investments

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Pricing Information

Withdrawal Fees: Withdrawal fees are currently 0.0010BTC, with 0.0005BTC being paid as a network transaction fee to ensure your withdrawal transaction is included in the blockchain quickly.

Trading Fees: 0.4% of the transaction value, calculated only when SELLing units. There is no fee for BUYing units.

About This Site

Havelock Investments is a Canadian Bitcoin stock exchange.

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bitnik (95) - 2013-12-17 06:52:10
Trustworthy. I do not find the interface as convenient as the now defunct btctc, but nonetheless, for me havelock is the best site on its market at the moment.
darkaxis05 (2210) - 2013-10-31 01:33:18
Great site and unique feature one of the great investing site and has a low withdrawal fees than others
nimanator (9975) - 2013-10-12 13:14:32

Great alternative to Bitfunder, since that one is closing its doors to US individuals. I hope this one doesn't go down that same path though!

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